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IAS Preparation: The dip in the momentum

Recently I was contacted by yet another aspirant facing this problem. The passion which you had for IAS when you started your IAS preparation, will not stay the same throughout the course of the examination.

Read the title once again. It talks about a “dip” and not reduction. Many aspirants mistake it to be permanent. They think they are losing their resolve. After an year of isolation and rigorous preparation, their interests begins to wane just when success is round the next corner. They beat themselves up over it, go into isolation to focus better, look up to other aspirants to search for new reasons to keep studying and what not.

Actually you do not at all need to be in isolation for IAS preparation. What you need is to be in balanced situation where you are most comfortable. An introvert person should choose to stay away from friends and family but you seem more like an outgoing person. Do not force yourself to double your hardwork. It may not be required. May be a subtle change in study schedule will make it more interesting, like making notes online. There are many great platforms to make notes on cloud.

As for the waning interest, please try to understand that it is the most obvious thing. It is a part of the exam. Many candidates like yourself, might have qualified the exam had it been a single day, 2 paper exam like engineering entrance examinations.

I often quote this – “success breeds passion” I believe that you like doing something because you are good at it. Not the other way around. Test yourself. Join test series. Write answers on quora, insightsonindia, discuss on forumias etc.

Join a student community. In such communities, even if you don’t sit and solve problems it helps you unwittingly because the level of discussion changes. For instance you do not keep cursing the govt. for everything, you know its limitations. This will make you feel elite already and give you a sense that you know better than a common person.

Purpose of life : It is the strongest and most common motivation factor, but in some cases it might be less important. Example, if you are already associated with, let’s say a hospital. Helping sick people get better is a very strong reason to live. In this case think of something more powerful, more personal. It can be power, it can be respect, or the prospects of huge under the table income (money is always good). Even reasons like proving your worth to an ex or a relative, or getting a good bride / groom, which are discarded as shallow reasons can be very strong. There is no wrong reason to prepare for IAS as long as it is strong enough to get you through this dip.

To improve knowledge : It is more common than you might think, talk to some officers and you ‘ll find many were not always interested in the world and govt. etc. They sought to be at par with their friends but then could never stop at just that. Maybe you look at your friends facebook acc. and think that they have grown so much, had so much exposure since you graduated, but as a mature person would never trade your learning period for any of those jobs. Take your time, especially if your parents are well to do. Don’t worry about your age. Just google and you’ll find how the average age of men and women for getting domestic is increasing drastically in India.

It will get on your nerves. It is designed to do just that. You can not escape it, you can only wade through it. It may sound elitist, but IAS is a golden dream. It is not a low hanging fruit that any commoner can pluck. If your interest seems to fade and you are still willing to continue, you are already doing a great job. In LBSNAA all we have are people like you. IAS promises a rich lifestyle, it has got something for every kind of person. And it keeps its promise. There are no limits.

Don’t stick to your way of studying, your way of taking notes. But do stick to the direction. Hope to see you in one of the amazing (and free) parties of association, which are exclusively for the IAS officers. Go study. There is so much to know about our #incredibleindia. Good luck.