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  1. Porting time could be generally between 4 to 7 days depending upon circle and the concerned telecom operators
  2. As per TRAI regulations, Network Operator can charge a maximum of Rs. 19 for porting a number.
  3. Any customer whose mobile number is older than 90 days can avail this facility. In order to switch another time he/she need to wait for another 90 days.
  4. The porting process will take place during 10pm to 5am IST. The number will remain inactive/dead for two hours during these timings.
  5. Yes, that can be done if you clear off all your pending dues with existing operator.
  6. Sadly the answer is NO. Your existing balance will not be carried forward to the new operator.
  7. Yes, now you can switch outside your existing circle. For e.g. you have a Rajasthan number and want to port to Gujarat number, it is possible.
  8. Yes! This is another great feature of MNP service. You can migrate from CDMA to GSM and vice-versa.
  9. This facility is not available at present since Indian government has launched MNP only for mobile phone users. It is possible in countries like U.S., we can expect it in near future.
  10. MNP shaken the telecom sector in a big way. Many network providers are offering some freebies in order to lure the customers. But due to hiighly dynamic nature of these offers, both in terms of time and space, it is recommended to check with the concerned operator.