The JioPhone comes bundled with a Jio SIM card. However, you will have to recharge and activate it after completing the e-KYC process from the nearest Jio Store. But if you already have a Jio SIM card then you can just insert it and start using the same number and data plan.

Your old SIM cards from "authorized service providers" (currently only JIO), will work. But , you need to recharge the sim which comes with jiophone in the box, with atleast ₹1500 per annum . So, a customer will have to recharge worth Rs 4,500 during the three-year time frame. Which is really shocking but true. You can refer to jio phone terms and condition page officially.

The point to be noted is that the terms and condition page came out prominently only after the first round of bookings for jio phone were over. Jio could have made this terms & condition page at least before pre-order.

Reliance Jio has responded to this criticism as this - “In order to prevent misuse or hoarding of the JioPhone and to encourage usage of its world-class 4G services, Jio has stipulated a minimum recharge of Rs 1500 a year, using any combination of plans, in order to be eligible for the refund.”

Such adventurism on the part of the company may erode their newly built and still hesitant consumer base for good. The phone itself is a marvellous (at least theoretically) and comes with 4G VOLTE, GPS, WiFi, NFC and voice assistant to boot, in addition, of course, to the JIO apps.

Jio has now introduced an early exit option for JioPhone users who wish to return the device before the stipulated period of three years. Such users will be eligible for partial refund.

The phone is strictly for personal use only and the recipient has no right to sell, lease, assign, and transfer or otherwise dispose of the JioPhone in any manner whatsoever.