Choose to be Happy

When do you think you will be truly happy. Have you ever given it a thought?
What or who is it that you are waiting for? What will make your life complete?
Are you waiting to be richer before you allow yourself to be happier?
Do you believe you can not afford to spend time with your family unless you settle in your career?
You really think a new Mac-book is all you need to be happy?

Are you kidding yourself?
Our heart often leaps with joy when we see a cute kid at the plaza. We feel like watching him for a while. But then our brain steps in..
” You can not stay. Just grab your stuffs and leave. You got to finish the presentation, cook your dinner”
It’s a beautiful weather outside,you see tiny drops of rain striking against the glass of your window. You want to take a break from the boring assignments, open the window breath in the smell of the soil. But your brain tells you to focus on the computer screen. You really need a promotion because you want a bigger house.
You want to have some roadside panipuri , your brain demands- ” Are you crazy ? ”

     Brain is a bitch. All through our lives it wants us to achieve, accomplish, desire and work and work and work.When was the last time your logic has told you that you may stop and enjoy for a while. (though it is, for sure, the most logical thing).
The problem with brain is that it is essentially a “Driver”. It drives us to tasks, success, places. It never lets us be. It tries to manufacture comfort and luxury. But you see, happiness is not a place that you could arrived at. It is not a commodity that you could built. It is not a task that can be completed. It is not a novel thing that has to be invented. It is already there. Within yourself. You just forgot where you hid it while you were “growing up“. You wrapped it up under the folds of reasons, deep in your heart, fresh childlike, nascent. You knew one day you would need it badly.

Happiness can never be achieved. It can only be discovered.!!