Choose a musical instrument

Musical Instrument * Ease of learning on the scale of 1-10, 1 being the easiest Pros Cons Remarks
Guitar 8 Available in varied price range and in every musical shopCoaches / online material is easily available.Can be used for playing both Chords and notes. Very cliched. Almost everyone who plays a musical instrument, plays guitar.Playing bar chords is very difficult.In standard tuning, pressing the string against the fret is tough that it becomes a physical challenge and finger tips ache. Pain in finger is often discouraging. But everyone has to go through it. Calluses (ie. hardened crust on finger tips) is only formed over time and there is no shortcut.Guitar is great in for solo performance especially in a romantic setting.
Bansuri 7 very rich sond (of classical flute) Great for spritual person, portable, light, cheap. Steepest learning curve for absolute beginner. For many days, a student can not even produce a sound. It gives a very rich, deep, and intellectual aura to a person. Since it is entirely made of wood, it can be carried to any place. Comes in two varieties (small is folk bansuri, longer one is for classical music) and various scales. “A” scale is recommended for beginners.
Harmonica 5 easy to learn, portable, strength of lungs required, Most portable musical instrument (apart from some Chinese musical instruments) Comes in three main types: Diatonic, Chromatic & Tremolo
Piano & Synth 6 piano is the most versatile musical instrument. It can play notes and chords. Easy to start and melodious sound. Becomes increasingly difficult as one moves from playing notes to chords. Requires great coordination of both hands.Piano is also probably the least portable musical instrument. Great for composing music and for practicing vocals
Violin 7 Melodious sound. Great for calming senses Limited use in playing chords. The sound of a violin is very rich. The problem of strings hurting your fingers is also true for Violin.
Veena 7 In-dispensable in carnatic music. Difficult to learn. Very difficult to find good teachers. Not portable. The veena is mostly used in Carnatic music recitals (not hidustani music,)
Sitar 6 The best sound of any musical instrument. Same as for veena. just a tad bit easy because here because sitar is balanced nicely between the player’s left foot and the right knee thus enabling your hands to move freely. Sitar is mostly used in Hindustani music, (which is also usually called simply indian classical) recitals.
Ektara and Ektara violin 6 cheap, gives a unique rustic flavour to your personality. Easy to learn. Not for those who are too worried about what people are gonna say about you. Because they will call you a banajara (While you are in learning phase) It is essentially a folk musical instrument. Don not expect to find a teacher easily. Also online content is scarce.
Congo 5 very easy to earn, gives a lot of room for creativity not versatile Very common in casual music settings like in school assembly
Tabla 7 extremely versatile, indispensable in classical vocal performances Difficult to learn, requires maintenance and a guru. Tabla gives a lot of power to a seasoned player.