Entrepreneurship: Choose to be more

Youth, today, find it difficult to go by dogmatic rules, want to do anything but ordinary. A government job won’t do for most because it gives too much security to allow competition and is too seniority based to allow growth. Some even find corporate jobs to be too mechanical. They must exploit this ” bad attitude “

Can I be?

What youngsters lack is the belief that they can be unique and extraordinary in life. All we need is a relentless pursuit. Everything and everyone started as nothing. Just a huge explosion, the big bang. Everything we see around us, whatever we call the world was created by people no wiser than you.

What is the right age to get your hands in entrepreneurship?

“Start today, not tomorrow. If anything, you should have started yesterday.The earlier you start, the more time you have to mess up.”

– Emil Motycka

Start when you are still fresh, full of hope, dreamy, broadminded and obstinate. Start before you settle down, because once you get comfortable, you get this sense of security and the rough road of entrepreneurship looks more bumpy. Eventually you end up letting go of your dreams, earning only a pittance compared to what you could have, live unsatisfied and die unknown. Make the most of your energy because you’re not going to be as young forever. You can start even before you learn to spell “Entrepreneurship”.

What if I fail ?
Trust me you will. And trust you me, you should.

“If you’re not making mistakes, then you’re not taking decisions.”
– Catherine Cook

The biggest failure a person can face in life is not trying at all. Act foolish. Lose some of your parents’ hard earned money. Tell your relatives with a wink that you knew you would fail. Mess it up all over again if you please, but never in the same way. Remember a mistake is a lesson the first time it is committed. The second time, it is mere foolishness.

If you’re not in an uncomfortable situation every single day, then you’re not living it right.

“Each one of us has the capacity to cause ripples in the entire universe.”
-Steve Jobs

Some of us choose to recognize our potentials, rather than sitting on it, people like Jobs and Bill Gates. They all have just one thing in common. They hate the world the way it is. But instead of complaining about it, they got into the loop and change it. Steve Paul Jobs destroyed a primitive civilization and created a brand new world. ” The iWorld “