Emulable models of living and thriving

Steve Jobs:

Born to an unmarried couple, he was handed over to Paul and Clara Jobs. Little then did anyone knew that Steve was to become “The Steve Jobs” who would be worshiped by the entrepreneurs, marketers, and inventors of an entire generation. What gave him the courage to drop out of college was the belief that you can always connect the dots looking retrospectively. Steve gave Apple a life not once, but twice. He had a kind of electricity in him. Formidable. Whenever Jobs was in the room, he was the man. He believed that the world as we see was made by men like us and so anyone was capable of causing ripples, making small changes. Only he did more than just tinker with the world. He destroyed it. And created a brand new beautiful world. ” The iWorld ” .!!

Shah Rukh Khan:

The king of romance in both reel and real life. When he followed Gauri to Mumbai to coax her into marrying him, he was left without money and had to spend a night at a railway station. The next morning, in the heat of passion, he said to his friend that one day he would rule this city. Well, every single day, thousands of regular scrawny boys with an irregular nose arrive in Mumbai city with the same dream. How many of them ever make it to the screen? And exactly how many of those chosen ones become Shah Rukh Khan? And all of that with no godfather or looks or height to recommend him. It is not hard to believe his friends when they assert that SRK could have become a businessman, a talk-show host or a diplomat of the same grade, if he had chosen. Captain of the Cricket, Hockey and football teams of college at the same time, he could as well have been a great sportsperson. Deep honesty, no affected modesty but an unswerving urbanity and integrity that commands respect. An absolute entertainer, Shah Rukh , treads the fine line between being polite and being a pushover with great ease. An avid reader and a wise man, Shah Rukh is often envied for his presence of mind and sense of humour. Photographers often describe him as a magician who, in a wink, transformed before them, from a tired, sick and sleepy man to the superstar Shah Rukh Khan.