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I am an engineering graduate from IIT (BHU) , Varanasi with 4+ years of experience in business analytics, strategy and deploying machine learning models for clients in India, US and China.  I have exposure to database design, ETL , data mining, REST APIs and automation. I am proficient in Python, SQL, R, Tableau and have experience leading cross functional teams.


Consultant - Chainalytics                                             6 months (Bengaluru, Jul 2020-Current)

  • Built a design data repository for organization-wide use with auto refresh capability.

  • Worked as consultant on network optimization project for an animal nutrition client

  • Led the design and building of data pipeline, cost regressions and network analysis

Senior Business Analyst - Homelane, (CEO’s office)                    1.2 years (Bengaluru, May 2019-Jul 2020)

  • Head of Analytics at Homelane and Product manager for internal Data Platform.

  • Built a unified Data Platform for the company using Bigquery, Airflow, Python and SQL 

  • Deployed a reinforcement learning (Thompson sampling) model to replace traditional A/B testing. This reduced the experimentation costs by 20% and improved conversion rates by 4%.

  • Designed the market intelligence system using web scraping, Data mining for growth hacking.

  • Deployed a lead scoring model to improve targeting by the marketing team.

  • Wrote an API to de-duplicate property names -demonstrable accuracy of 95% in simulations

Sr. Analyst - Chainalytics                                                                  1 years (Bengaluru, Apr 2018-May 19)

  • Built a model for optimization of the supply chain network of a US bakery demonstrating savings of over 1 million in transportation and handling costs.

  • Built ETL scripts in R to clean and prepare raw  data for feeding into Supply Chain Guru.

  • Created live reporting dashboards in Tableau demonstrating the network and cost saving

Senior Analyst - Gobasco Pvt. Ltd                                             1.3 years (Gurgaon, Jan 2017-Apr 2018)

  • Automated the flow of market information to farmers spanning 5 states

  • Led a project to map the commodity flow across India 

  • Developed a 12-point Credit Rating System for commission agents across India.

August 2014 to Jan 2017 - Startup venture ( - Objective was generating speaking points and sentiment analysis for political party candidates based on survey and social media updates.


    Indian Institute of Technology (IIT-BHU) Varanasi                                    

      (2010-2014)  - Bachelor of Technology in Metallurgical Engineering

     Liverpool John Moores University (Upgrad)

      (2020-current) - Masters of Science in Data Science


  • Prototyping, defining KPIs, A/B Testing, reinforcement learning, regression, classification

  • Data Engineering- ETL pipelines using Python, Airflow, Metabase, SQL, Data-Guru, BigQuery

  • Analytics and machine learning tools: Python, R, Python, Pyspark, NumPy, Scikit-Learn 

  • Data exploration & visualization- Tableau, PowerBI, Matplotlib, MS-excel

  • Programming:  Python (flask, django, pandas), Java, flutter, AppScript, HTML, CSS

  • Workspace Environments: Familiarity with AWS, Linux, Mac, Windows, Docker


  • Udemy and Coursera certificates :  Machine Learning, Data science and Data engineering